In 1989 we got rights to create a farm. Our farm was named Uus-vainu. The size of the farm was then 39.1 hectares. The farm started to make animal raising and planting.


In 1999 inherited the farm Raido Raba who is the owner of the farm nowadays. Today is the size of a farm 207 hectares. Cereal is raised on 90 hectares. We also deal with cereal producing and selling. The size of the grassland is about 111 hectares. There we are raising beeves. We have about 80 beeves. We are planning raise the amount of beeves in future. Potatoes and root vegetables are raised on 6 hectares.


In 2001 we got a permission to produce purely natural products. At the same time we got an offer to produce peeled potatoes, we accepted that offer and since that we are dealing with it. Potatoes and other root vegetables are raised by us on our fields naturally, that means that we are not using any chemicals to raise our products. We only use organic fertilizer.

Daily amount depends on clients wishes. If you wish we can also make vacuum packs. In vacuum pack the product is staying longer fresh.


Potatoes are peeled in special building what was made extra for this. We use different modern machines. Our products are constantly controlled by “tervisekaitse” and “Taimetoodangu inspektsiooni” inspectors. The adviser of the farm is land enterprise, animal rising and finance economic consultant Vello Ilves


"Friendly" vegetable riser Certificate

Taimetervise register certificate

Uus-Vainu mahetalu,Suure- Ahli küla, Ridala vald, Läänemaa 90443 | info@uusvainu.ee | +372 52 93 035