Facts - Why should we eat "friendly" vegetables
  • To save your health! We do not use any chemical bug or plant poisons what could damage your wellbeing.
  • “Friendly” vegetables are clean and healthy. There is about half more vitamins, minerals and other useful microelements as in ordinary vegetables.
  • “Friendly” vegetables are not changed genetically.
  • “Friendly” vegetables have more quality, storage life is longer and they taste better.
  • It saves nature.
  • Many people found help to cure sickness and relief illness.
  • You can support local nature-saving producing, what guaranties beautiful nature in future.
  • Studies what were made in Germany and Austria showed that a human body likes more “friendly” vegetables.
  • Let’s care about younger generation. Children are 4 times more sensitive about poisoned fertilizer than adults.
  • Farmers who raise vegetables must not use three years any chemical fertilizers, if they want to get a “friendly” vegetable riser certificate.
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